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The Grounds Masters
"Treat Each Property as if it was a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion"

The Grounds Masters is your number one lawn maintenance contractor in Knoxville, TN. We provide professional maintenance to your lawn care needs.
Call us today for an estimate and we will bring out the best in your lawn!

About Us :

Our name says it all, "THE GROUNDS MASTERS", NOT SINGULARLY BUT IN PLURAL, each and every member is trained to be a "MASTER" at what they do, their income is based on their quality of work performed. I believe we should do our absolute best work each and every time. "Do it right the first time!", add in some "WOW!" factor and keep an open eye. When we finish a job I look it over and ask myself and my guys "What's wrong with this picture?" If we can't find anything wrong we smile at one another knowing that "We did it right the first time!"

I'm the owner of The Grounds Masters with a Degree in Agri-business, I spent 18 years as a fertilizer and chemical specialist in Illinois and Northwestern Indiana. Former co-owner of Agro Inc., fertilizers, chemicals, and custom services, former owner of Town & Country, Inc. a power equipment business, former Vice-Chairman and Secretary of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association and former member of the National Fertilizer Solutions Association

What Sets You Apart:
The personal attention, we listen first, ask questions, provide solutions and offer "food for thought" for future work, then we kick in our "WOW!" factor of work performance from our employees, they are "Masters".

We donate to: F O P Lodge #2 for the children and their families, The Lord's Child, family assistance, Shriners Circus to help support their needs

Small, Medium and larger properties needing mowing, pruning, fertilization, aeration, seeding, weed control, light landscaping, basically anything to do with grounds maintenance.

Servicing the West Knoxville and surrounding areas in:
  • Professional Grounds Maintenance
  • Turf Management & Weed Control
  • Fertilization, Seeding & Aerating
  • Tree Pruning

(865) 288-2010
Knoxville, TN 37933




We provide a limited warranty because we can't control what Mother Nature, the Homeowner, or others may do, We do cover what we do.